Foundational Toning

30 Day Challenge: Coming Soon

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Join me on the mat each day during this 30-day Foundational Toning Challenge designed to reshape your body and ignite your fitness journey.

With dynamic, Pilates-inspired toning exercises, this program effectively applies the alignment, knowledge, and muscle patterns taught at Lee Pilates Method to dynamic, enticing exercises that promote full-body toning. Every class presents unique challenges to engage the mind and body, ensuring you never get bored.

I use proven toning principles, including high repetition, light weights, and long lever movements (think straight arms and legs). These techniques awaken those often-overlooked smaller muscles that don’t typically get activated in traditional strength training or everyday activities.

Expect: lifted glutes, toned arms, legs, and a sculpted midsection. Your shoulders will develop beautiful striations, and you’ll build strength without bulk. It’s time to embark on this journey and discover a revitalized, toned you!